Baby Must Haves

Hubs and I have often discussed the products that we felt were essential when Little miss was a baby. When I was expecting Little miss we were naive and believed we needed every baby product out there and were enticed by many products that in hindsight maybe weren’t necessary.

It’s not just a first-time parent thing either, now that I’m expecting baby no. 2 I’m finding myself being wooed by baby stuff AGAIN.

Despite having a perfectly good, working travel system I have serious buggy envy and want a new one, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Only this time I’m a little wiser and won’t cave and buy anything unnecessary (I think).

I thought I would share with you our baby must-haves, some of the bits and pieces that hubs and I found particularly useful when little miss was a baby, and will definitely use again.

  1. Angelcare baby movement sensor and monitor– this was a godsend, I would have never slept without it. We had had some pretty negative views shared with us about how unreliable they were, but ours was amazing. It was expensive at over £80, but for me worth every penny.
  2. Diaper Pail– The best diaper pail will keep your baby’s dirty diapers in a closed container reducing the bad smell. A diaper pail is even better if you use baby cloth diapers that you don’t normally throw away.
  3. Samsonite Pop-up Travel Bubble cot – This compact little cot was a great space-saver in the car when traveling. Stored in a handy carry case, the cot simply pops up with very little assembly required. We have had a fair few holidays where there has been very little room to spare, not a problem with this little cot. We often chose to use this over cots supplied by B&Bs and hotels.
  4. Bassinet– Bassinets are a comfortable place for baby’s to sleep. You can even carry your baby bassinet when going out since some of them are portable.
  5. Grobags – I was aware of the hype around Grobags, but not entirely convinced I believed it. Two years on and Little miss is still in them. These handy little sleeping bags are available in many togs to suit the weather and keep your baby comfy and warm, eliminating the need for blankets they also lower the risk of suffocation. Again, Grobags are pricey at around $30 each. But, many shops are doing their own versions at cheaper prices and we got some great deals on bundles on Ebay.
  6. Anti-colic bottles– We switched to the Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles fairly early on. Little miss never really suffered with colic and I’m pretty sure these bottles may have been the reason why.
  7. Fisherprice rainforest Jumperoo and musical swing seat – Ok, these are definitely investment buys. They are pricey, but we got a deal online if we bought the two together and it worked out at a great discount. Little miss went through a clingy phase at only a few weeks old and I couldn’t put her down without her getting very upset. The musical swing seat solved this, she would lay happily for ages listening to the music and watching the mobile. It was great when I needed to do housework or nip to the loo! She often fell asleep in there too! We started using the Jumperoo when she was about six months old and again she adored it. I can’t wait to get these out of storage for the Little dude, my only concern is that Little miss will want to play with them!

Best Dogs for First Time Owners

You are a first-time dog parent, you are excited about the fun, and the good time you will have with your dog. You cannot wait to have a furry companion, a playmate, snuggle partner and a living alarm system. Before you adopt a dog you need to know there is a lot that goes into the adoption. A

A dog just like a human baby is a huge responsibility. There is a lot in terms of money and time; you might even be needed to have a lifestyle change. First time owners who do not get to spend enough time learning what they are getting themselves into end up making big mistakes.

While there is a lot that goes into first-time dog ownership, some breeds are better than others are. However, it is good to know that there is no bad breed; it is all a matter of commitment. If you are a newbie and you are looking for suggestions, you could use the below suggestions to pick one;

1. Bichon Frise

Dog for first time owners

Bichon Frise is a popular breed whether you are a first timer or an experienced dog owner. They make great family companions and they have low levels of temperament. They are low maintenance only requiring regular grooming and regular walks. On the other side, they need lots of love and cuddles.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you are looking for a smaller breed, a cavalier is an excellent breed; they are adorable couch potatoes and they enjoy cuddling any time of the day. Cavaliers are quite lazy and they are excellent dogs for first-time owners. They however, require regular grooming because of their long hairs that need regular trimming. They are sweet creatures and they love companion wherever they are.

3. Papillon

Papillons are great dogs in that they are low maintenance and they are easygoing companions. They love being with people and their temperament is great. Papillons are active dogs; they love playing and do not be surprised if they beat other dogs on the agility field. They have a great personality and they are great companions for first-time owners.

4. Pugs

Pugs are the best dogs for first-time owners because they are active enough and they are low maintenance. They are hilarious and their wonderful personalities end up being the life of the party.

5. Poodles

Some poodles are small while others are big in size. Whatever the size of a poodle, they are the greatest companions and the easiest dogs to train. They have incredible temperaments and they love being with people.

They are excellent snuggle partners as well as great exercise partners. Poodles need regular grooming; they are among the few dogs that do not shed a lot.

6. Golden retrievers

The Golden retriever is a popular breed and makes a great companion. Golden retrievers love relaxing on the couch but they will still be there when you need them to go for a jog.

They are low maintenance, they are friendly with both adults and children; they are easy to train. Their wonderful temperament is what makes it easier to train. For a first time owner, a golden retriever is a wonderful dog.