Baby Must Have Part 2

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1.Muslin clothes –  To be fair this may be down to the fact that I only managed to breastfeed for two months, but you would think I would have found other uses for them. We had muslins coming out of our ears as so many people told us that we would never be able to have too many. However, we barely used ours. If you missed baby haves part 1 you can read it here.

Little miss was never a really sicky baby so that and the lack of breastfeeding may mean that it was a combination of circumstances and luck that meant we didn’t need them, but there you are. Saying that I will most likely have a stash this time round as I’m hoping to nail breastfeeding and who knows Little dude may be a very sicky baby!

2 Baby monitor- A baby monitor helps me keep an eye on Little dude when I’m in the kitchen cooking or he is in the bedroom and I’m downstairs.

3.Fancy highchair– When your baby is little a nice highchair with fancy cushioning is good for offering support. But to be honest we found fancy high chairs a pain. Keeping them clean was a nightmare (food quite literally got everywhere and in every nook and cranny).

Baby chair

Once Little miss could support herself, on the advice of a friend we bought the ANTILOP highchair from Ikea. Ok, it’s a very minimalist high chair and isn’t exactly ‘pretty’, but it’s cheap. It’s light, legs are removable for easy transportation, and cleaning it is a doddle.

4.Non-battery operated breast pump – Little miss was not a great feeder, she just didn’t take to the boob and in my midwife’s own words was “lazy”. In my quest to make sure she got breastmilk I decided to express and we bought a manual breast pump.

Yes, it worked, but it was hard work. It would take me a good hour to get one feed for Little miss and by the time I had finished my hand would have cramped up. They may be much more expensive but I will definitely be buying a battery-operated one for next time.

5.Bumbo – I was so excited at having had a Bumbo bought for us as a present when Little miss arrived as I had heard so many wonderful things about them. I couldn’t wait until Little miss was big enough to use it. Alas! when that time came it was a huge anti-climax. Little miss never really took to the Bumbo, she was never happy in there for more than five minutes.

We bought the additional tray ($10 cost) in hope that being able to play with toys, look at books etc would broaden its appeal, still to no avail. Before we knew it she was big and strong enough to lift herself out and the Bumbo was relegated to the corner to collect dust. A shame as I really wanted to like this product.

So there you have it. Of course, every baby is different, but for us these are products that we won’t be bothering with again.