Car Safety for Dogs

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Traveling with a dog is like traveling with your baby; they are your fury baby, right. You need to make sure the dog is just as securely ‘belted’ in case of an accident. Leaving the dog ‘unbelted’ means the dog could jump from a moving vehicle which can be very fatal.

On a good day, the dog can jump and escape unhurt inconveniencing you because you have to park somewhere and start following the dog. There are several ways of securing your dog one of them being having barrier devices at the boot of your car to contain the dog.

However, for total safety, the dog should be in a carrier or a crate, and the carrier or the crate should be strapped using a seatbelt to keep your pooch safe.

How to use a carrier when traveling with your dog

If you are using a carrier, make sure it is the right size such that your dog doesn’t feel trapped and uncomfortable. Make sure the carrier is not too big and that the ‘bed’ fills the whole space just in case the dog thinks the uncovered part is the bathroom.

Before you put the dog in the carrier, make sure the dog is calm, is not in any tag or leash because the tags could be caught in the carrier. Make sure the dog is fed before the start of your journey to prevent motion sickness.

Have plenty of water to keep the dog hydrated and cool and keep the windows open for fresh air. Also, bring a few toys to keep your pooch entertained during the travel. Also, keep on taking regular bathroom breaks for your dog to relieve themselves.

Various options to keep your dog safe during the road trip

  1. Ruff rider canine vehicle restraint

Ruff rider canine vehicle restraint helps to keep the dog from moving around inside the car. The good thing is that it can be used inside or outside the car. This restraint can fit dogs that weight between 6 to 150 pounds; all you have to do is measure your dog to get the one that fits.

  1. Small dog seatbelt

Small dog seatbelt is meant for small dogs just like the name suggests. The dog seatbelt will attach to any dog harness with the best thing being it can be used in different cars. Make sure to pick the right size for your dog for comfort as well as safety.

  1. Bergan auto harness

Bergan auto harness comprises a seatbelt and a harness that uses carabiners to attach to your car’s seatbelt. This began seatbelt offers the best security as well as meeting the V9DT safety durability test. This seatbelt fits dogs with the weight that range from 10 to 150 pounds. The best thing about this harness is that the padded chest area keeps your pooch safe and comfortable.

  1. Kurgo pet travel backseat carrier

This carrier is best kept on the backseat of your car such that if even the car stops abruptly, your dog will still be safe. Fasten the carrier between the front seat and the back passenger seat such that the dog will be safe and still be comfortable. Keeping the dog in a carrier makes sure it doesn’t move because its movement will shift your focus from the road thus causing an accident

  1. Ezdog click adjustable car restraint

This restraint keeps the dog safe while riding in the backseat. The restraint clicks into your seatbelt’s buckle. The other end of the restraint is secured on your dog’s harness so that the dog’s movement is restricted. The best thing about is that you can adjust the length of the restraint to the length that you’d like.

  1. Kurgo pet travel canine leash and zipline combo

This Kurgo pet travel canine leash and zipline combo make sure that your dog is safe and it can still move around in the backseat. Secure the leash to a hook in your car’s interior and make sure the leash is clipped. The best thing about this line and leash combo is that the leash can use to control your pooch once you get to your destination.

  1. Pet gear signature pet car seat and carrier

This seat and carrier are best for dogs that weight up to 20 pounds. Put your dog in the carrier and then attach the carrier to the backseat’s seat belt. Attach your dog’s harness to the carrier before attaching it to the seatbelt.  Make sure the carrier is connected to a seatbelt at all times during your trip to keep your pooch safe

  1. K and H bucket booster pet car seat

Your pooch can have a better view during your road trip without you endangering him. This better view with safety can only be achieved with K & H bucket booster pet car seat. Clip your dog’s collar or harness to the clip that’s inside this seat which can be placed in the front or back seat of your car. Attach this seat to a seatbelt on whatever seat you place your dog.

  1. Good pet stuff aquiline traveling dog pet car seat

Good pet stuff aquiline traveling dog pet car seat is the best seat for your pooch when you are taking road trips. It has adjustable booster belt, and It also has harness straps that help in keeping your pooch secure. It has folding legs that can range from 10 to 14 inches in height; it has reinforced plastic to offer additional security. The good thing is that one adjust the seat to fit your pooch’s needs.

  1. Bergan Car dog Travel Barrier

Bergan car dog travel barrier has both upper and lower vents that promote good air circulation. This barrier fits well between the front and the backseat of your car. This barrier is attached securely to the two front seats such that even if the car comes to a halt abruptly, your dog cant be projected out of the car. Also, the dog’s movement is restricted thus reducing chances of your focus being taken away from the steering wheel.