How To Save Time Cleaning Your Home

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You have visitors in a few hours time or even in a week’s time, but you don’t feel like moving a muscle to start cleaning. Well, I hate to tell you that one way or the other you will have to pick that broom or that duster and start cleaning. So, how do you clean your home using the least time possible?

For starters, you need to concentrate on cleaning and cleaning only! No checking your phone unless it is necessary for example when you need to answer a crucial call.

Start at the top

It is always good to start from the top to the bottom so that dust and any other dirt does not fall on the already clean areas. For example, you should start from wiping or dusting your ceiling, come down to the walls, dust your furniture and finally clean your floors. When dusting you can use a good shark vacuum cleaner which will remove all dirt. If you are cleaning your bedrooms, remove the beddings once you are done with cleaning the walls and the ceiling so that you can remove the beddings that have dust. Also, clean from the right to the left such that everything will be clean by the time you are finishing. Most people waste time by cleaning haphazardly; they will clean the blinds then realize the far end table is dusty, then they will clean the picture frames.

Have a timer

Timer to use when cleaning your home

How much time do you want to use in cleaning each room? How much time do you intend to use on vacuuming? List all the activities you need to do then divide by the available time. Some activities might take more time than others might while others might take a shorter time. You can start with the one that needs more time and the one that you hate the most so that you can get motivated knowing you will finish what you like.

Have a system

When cleaning your house, make sure you have a system. Go from the living room, kitchen, stairs, bedroom, and washrooms. By having a system, you should start from one spot in the house and make sure you finish on the same spot. Work on one room at a time such that there will be no lost time used running from one room to the other. Don’t forget to clean and vacuum carpeted stairs in your home, many people forget about this. Also, you need to be consistent by making sure you do the same thing every time you need to clean whatever room you are cleaning.

Squeegee windows for a better finish

For better results when cleaning windows, it is advisable to use a squeegee such that you will have streak free windows. Most people use paper towels or newspapers and then use circular movements to dry them. The best way to clean windows is by using clean fiber free cloth with soap then use a squeegee to dry the water off. If you don’t have a squeegee, a microfiber cloth should come in handy. Always, remember, clean your windows from top to bottom.

Have all your cleaning tools ready

On your cleaning day, make sure you have all your cleaning tools and products at an arm’s length. This means you will not need to keep going back and forth looking for cleaning tools and products. You might need to put on an apron then have your cleaning product in small bottles that you can carry in your apron’s pockets. This means you have everything you need on the go. If you don’t have an apron to carry your cleaning tools and products in, put them in a bucket or a basket.

Defeat mineral deposits

If mineral deposits have stained your plumbing fixtures, you should not use pads or brushes to clean them because they might scratch the faucets. The best thing to use is white vinegar; pour some vinegar on a cloth and clean the faucet. You only need to use a little of white vinegar, and your faucets will have their shiny look again.

Keeping your stainless steel shining

To keep your stainless steel shining, use some mineral oil and wipe off the surfaces once a week. This mineral oil helps to repel water. Also, this mineral oil helps to keep toothpaste and any other item from sticking to your stainless steel surfaces.

Clean your microwave faster

When your microwave has foodstuff sticking on the walls, cleaning can be quite hard. To make your work easier, leave a cup full of water in the microwave and boil it for some time. The steam will help to loosen any foodstuff sticking on the microwave insides; all you have to do is to wipe it off, and you will be done with cleaning.

In conclusion, follow all or part of the above tips, and you will find cleaning less a little painful.

Happy cleaning